Optimus continues

I got an hour in this evening. I finished the feet and put the head on:


I tend to leave him in pieces so that I don’t knock things off but he looks like Terminator! I’ve left the tanks on his shoulders off for now as they fall off evey 10 seconds anyway. I might glue them on but a lot of items have later bits that hold them on so I’ll wait until the rest is finished.

The blue bits have been behaving today and I have been careful not to file anything on them. I used some Tamiya (as opposed to the Vallejo I first used) gloss to touch it up. It does look much better and by the time I have some metal scratches on it will look cool!


I’ve started on the hands. I need to do the soldering iron trick on the fingers as I see what people mean by them falling off! I might try a pointy soldering iron on the centre which I’ve also seen on the internet. More research needed on the “real thing” I think!


Progress so far: