Diorama planning

I’ve been thinking about the diorama a lot. I know that I have certain elements and I think I know how I want to arrange them but I am a bit of a wait and see girl. I like to have the individual pieces in my hands before doing the final thoughts.

So far, I know that I will have:

a model of Sam, crawling out of somewhere;

a Tamiya Humvee which will be upside down and one side blackened from a Decepticon weapon blast;

a concrete wall with rebar coming out of it and perhaps destroyed floors and a huge pile of concrete rubble which the Humvee will have rolled up against. Most of the rubble in Transformers 3 (DOTM) is actually blown up cars. If the diorama looks like it needs it then I might add a MIG battered Hilux. There don’t seem to be many normal American cars in 1/35;

Optimus crouching over Sam with his battle blades ready;

Bumble bee looking at whatever is coming. Let’s hope that Takara Tomy do a Megatron!; and

a diorama base which is rough broken concrete with rebar sticking out around the edges.

I have also been wondering how to do the title on the diorama. My first thought was some transformery type writing:

run sam run

However, I want a rough diorama edge with rebar sticking out. I’m now thinking whether I should try spraying the title on the back of the standing concrete wall. I’ve downloaded loads of fonts from www.dafont.com and tried a few out:


I’m still new to my airbrush (Iwata Eclipse) and have never done fine lines when spraying. Some practice needed as I especially fancy the top font with paint runs. I definitely need some flat wall for that… I might put a park at rear sign, like in the DOTM trailer.

One thing I’m sure of is that I’m not doing Carly!

I’ve been looking at photos of Optimus and Bumblee bee for their battle damaged look.