Prime finished

I got back from a few days away and finished Prime off. It’s amazing how the last few steps can take the longest. There’s always one piece that falls out…

Here he is, the observant amongst you will notice that his head is missing:

Headless Prime

Headless Prime

Those tanks were the worst bit. I broke a chimney off and had to put a bit of stiff wire in as a replacement hinge.


The head is going to be interesting with the LEDs. The really nasty bit is when you want to take items apart to swap them around (that’s how I broke the chimney bit. The head was no different and I broke one of the 3 prongs taking it off. I don’t think it will matter but here’s what’s left (the broken bits on the top right):

Broken bits

In the meanwhile, I have been spraying Bumblebee’s gloss coat on the coloured pieces. I tried Tamiya Acrylic Gloss coat in the hope that it would be less likely to bubble like the Vallejo gloss. After two coats, it was hardly what I would call gloss so I gave in and put a coat of Vallejo on instead. I will leave Optimus’s head and do his LEDs when I do Bumblebees. In preparation I put the MIG dark wash on all of Bumblebee’s bits apart from the wet coloured pieces. Hopefully he will be dry tomorrow so I can start him off.