Diorama base

I had a break for a week with family birthdays, new car etc… and then I got back on with the base. I wanted the wall to be made of wood firmly screwed into the bottom so I chose two bits of spare wood to see how it looked. The wall piece is way too big but I wanted to see how tall I needed it:

Diorama base

I then added a piece foam to add height and depth for the diorama sides which are going to be exposed road/rock fill etc:

Diorama base

Here it is from all angles:

The boys on the base

Diorama base

Diorama base

Diorama base

I decided to add a bit more height to Optimus – in my head he’s stood on a pile of rubble:

Optimus on rubble

I decided on a two storey concrete building (easy to shatter) so as not to overshadow Optumus who is very tall. I roughed up the edges so that they look like soil etc. I need to put in some pipework, utilities etc around the edges:

Roughed up edges

Diorama edges

The building has bashed away floors so I’ve put in the start of them:

Concrete building

The foam’s quite stable so when I’m done I’ll spray the whole lot black. I’ll also cover the walls with some kind of plaster to give the concrete effect. I put some MIG washes on the Humvee but then realised that I’d forgotten the decals, doh!:


Sam’s had his first coats of paint but may need a few more as he looks very dark…