Sound 2!

The sound finally works. It’s great but hard to show on here. I might try a youtube video to see if I can capture it. The end channels were:

Sound Card Left Source Right Source
1.1 1 (front) Railroad Avenue City Fantasonics CD Railroad Avenue City Fantasonics CD
1.2 4 (rear) River Freesounds Weir Freesounds
1.3 2 Roundhouse Roundhouse Fantasonics CD Roundhouse Roundhouse Fantasonics CD
1.4 3 Port Port Fantasonics CD Port Port Fantasonics CD
2.1 F-OUT Kids playing Freesounds Streeters 30s Music
2.2 C/B-OUT Railroad Avenue City Fantasonics CD Railroad Avenue City Fantasonics CD
2.3 BS-OUT Girls laughing Freesounds Diner 50s Music
2.4 SS-OUT Factory Factories Fantasonics CD Factory Factories Fantasonics CD
The wiring does look like spaghetti though and this is only half done!

Spaghetti wiring

In the meanwhile, I put in the track for the car float and got it working, yeah! I’ve also been working on the Transformers which is taking time but looks good.

I know I model American normally but whilst I was picking up Continental Modeller at Smiths, I noticed the Hornby magazine which had a layout on the cover with a wonderfully evocative atmostphere. The layout was Byworth and had some excellent modelling and photography. The whole magazine was excellent and had some great articles on weathering and putting smoke generators into steam engines. I’m now thinking seuthe smoke generators and maybe scented ones to give the smell of coal and oil power. They also do frying bacon/coffee for the diner but I’m still trying to work out how do the smell of the seaside. I tried looking Byworth on the internet but BT have let us down and it isn’t working (unless it is our router as they say the line is fine…). After an hour on the phone to India, I guess this is going to load tomorrow now!