Yard work

The layout is progressing – promise! I have been doing the scattergun approach and doing the odd thing here and there. I have a list of things to finish but I can’t help doing other things…

I have been putting in the link to the turntable. Here’s the rough bash of the ash pits. They are Peco inspection pits and the crane is a Walthers one. I need to find a clamshell for it. The New Haven seemed to have mostly cranes rather than anything fancier:

Ash pits

One of the interesting things at the Convention was Bob Phelps’ top tips on tuning up Peco turnouts. Bob has been the designer for Peco turnouts since before I was born and there is nothing he doesn’t know about track work!

Peco turnouts

One thing I did spend most of the afternoon on was my car float turnout. After many curses, replaced Tortoise wires, reglued hoists, redone throw bars… I eventually got the darn thing to throw properly. Yee ha! No pictures though as turnouts do look boring!

Now my Martin Machine diorama has been to the Convention, I can put it on the layout. Unfortunately, it ended up to high when I put it in:

Martin Machine in place

This is what the building looks like now I’ve spent an hour with a saw and bread knife:

Martin Machine diorama

Martin Machinie diorama

Martin Machine river

Martin Machine diorama

I never did put a final photo of the spaghetti that is my sound system. My computer has been useful as I have been using DecoderPro to sort out my roster. I have screwed up quite a few locos though! Nothing irredeemable I think!

Sound system