Transfer table and upper level

Back to the layout…

I have been putting in the transfer table. I did a youtube video but it was a pain as the transfer table lost all the track addresses for some completely unknown reason. It’s not the most accurate and seems to drift occasionally. Getting the table in straight is the first problem as it only takes a small difference and the tracks don’t line up. I hope it settles down as it doesn’t seem that robust so far. The transfer table is fed by the turntable and leads to diesel house. The tracks really could be a little further apart for a diesel house but I wanted to get as many in as possible. The bridge on the transfer table itself stops you getting to a 7th but I put it in anyway for an unchipped loco to sit on.

Yard area

transfer table

yard area to turntable

Around the corner is the entrance to the yard.

Ash pits

I’ve been working on the upper level. The gaps are filled with foam, carved with a hot wire, and covered with plaster bandage. Hobbycraft had a sale on so I got a load half price. Here’s the corner above the turntable:

Upper level above turntable

This is to the left and will be a trestle bridge over a river:

upper level second river

If you follow round to the left you see where the branch line comes on to the upper level. The black will eventually be covered with hills. I used chicken wire for the base form around the tunnel mouth and have a drainage channel running down the nearside of the track.

tunnel portal

Entrance to upper level