I haven’t spent a lot of time on the transformers diorama lately but I have now got the Transformers 3 DVD and am currently watching it for the second time… I love the bit when Sam drives into Chicago – so atmospheric. I need to find some 1/35 skulls, another car to burn and some detail parts. I am thinking of cutting out some newspapers as there seems to be a lot of paper blowing around in the film.

This is where I have got to so far:

Diorama base

I’ve put in some Mig pigments as dust and to add some additional colouring, along with some burn marks. I’m going to put a PARK IN REAR sign with some arrows in, like where Bumblebee crashes the Decepticon ship. It’s a plain wall so the sign will add some detail. It’s slightly different to the film but not much. I wanted the bottom words to line up with the top…


Here’s Optimus just popped on. I hadn’t worked out what to do with the wires for the LEDs but I’m thinking now that I will just paint them dark and leave them on the surface as general clutter which will enable me to move B and Optimus around if I want to.

Optimus in place

I also did the graffiti for Sam using some coloured Sharpies. I signed the corner too 🙂 I might add some more and it will weather down when the parking sign is on the building.