Upper level track and visit to Mick’s layout

Apart from a small stint on my Transformers diorama, I have been laying the upper level track. This involves working out what dioramas will go where and I have ended the week with a pile of buildings with no home yet… I laid all the upper level track and then thought – a ha – not enough switching. I’ve added in two new turnouts and will probably do another one just to add interest. I’m wary of adding too much track but do need to do some switching! This is the pre-ripping up version of the track – only one turnout. There are 3 now:

upper level track laying

Here’s my weights!

track laying weights

I went to visit Mick Moignard’s layout yesterday. He is an excellent modeller and I’ve judged a few of his models at the NMRA BR contest – they always come tops. He was kind enough to invite us down for a day. Here’s Steve and Mick running trains:

Steve Scott and Mick Moignard