Upper level plaster cloth

Christmas is over, the presents are opened and it’s time to get on with modelling. Unfortunately, I’ve torn something in my shoulder so lifting it up is a nightmare and I’m busy doing scenery and painting track on the upper level. All up!

The scenery has gone through from piled up foam to plaster bandage to painted raw umber:

background hills

hills painted brown

upper level hills

upper level hills

upper hills

upper level hills

upper level corner hills

upper level

upper level plaster

upper level dioramas

Here’s a Cripplebush urban outcrop less most of the walls. It’s actually two of them joined together:

cripplebush rock outcrop

One of my presents was a mini digital video camera. I did solder up a brass holder and screwed it to a non-prototypical donor caboose frame. I managed one really wobbly video. I’ll try one more tomorrow and post it.