Pile driver

Happy New Year! Back at work already I’m afraid! I did have a semi New Year’s resolution to finish all those half built kits I have…

So I started with the Pile Driver. I still need to add a small amount of clutter, not a lot but a little. Much as I like George Sellios, I can’t quite bring myself to add that much clutter to a working boat. I do have a pile of workshop equipment to put somewhere else though which I am busy painting up 🙂

whitemetal pieces

Here’s where I am now… when I’m happy with the finishing touches, I’ll do the water (with the pile driver in cling film so it doesn’t stick).

FSM pile driver

You can just see the additional guy ropes which I added. All the pictures of the pile drivers in the New York Harbours books have guy ropes. The odd wood to the side is a fender. I’m not sure what to put yet on the pier side but this is copied from an Erie pile driver.

pile driver fender

FSM pile driver

FSM pile driver