Upper level and home made ground foam

I thought it was time to get on with upper level scenery. I have to do it first as it rains debris down on the lower level. Putting dust sheets down knocks all sorts of things over. I had fun on the January sales buying a small handheld hoover to vacuum up those spare scenery bits so I was able to get on with the grass.

First I put glue down, then grassmastered some green grass on it. The next day I hoovered the excess green grass up. I sprayed permanent adhesive and put on some dry grass. The aim is to show summer grass with the tops dried off. I hope it worked:


upper level grass

The other January sale purchase was a blender/liquidiser. I used it to make some ground foam. It was easy enough to do and I have so many hills to do, I can’t afford to do it with bought ground foam. It’s a bit coarse so I think I need to blend it again. It’s currently drying and I’ll whizz it again tomorrow.