Module construction

I finally got the wood for the On30 Fremo modules so started building them. I asked the local joiner to cut the wood. It is a couple of mm out in most cases but the modules have come together ok. I managed to build one so far and learnt a few tricks for the next three.

Here’s the piles of parts as cut. As you can see, there’s a few bendy bits. Hopefully the module construction will sort those out:

FremOn30 module parts

Here’s the first module. The ends, central board and horizontal braces are all 12mm. The curved ends are 4mm with 12mm spacers. Hopefully it will be robust for taking to shows:

Module construction

The end boards have been a challenge as the boards were cut by the joiner at 502mm. I measured the holes from one side so when you turn the modules around, they go out of sync by a couple of mm. I’m not impressed! I did have a neat side and and inside where the drill came out – it just rips the plywood occasionally. Now half my insides are on the outside and it won’t work very well when you arrange the modules as s-curves rather than on a full curve. Thankfully the fremo standards have 1cm holes are we’re using M6 bolts. This allows enough play to hopefully sort the problem out. You live and learn… and it’s amazing how much of a problem 2mm can cause.