Module construction continues

It has been an up and down week on the modules. I put together a couple of modules and things were going well, when I put the half of the third together I tried a a couple joined up and the ends were cupping. The curved sides were basically pushing the ends out. When you bolt one end together you could just get them to straighten (although goodness knows what the constant flexing would do to the scenery above it!). I ended up undoing half the ends – not easy when they are glued and screwed and then slicing some of the side ply out and regluing. Some of the slices were a bit wide so now I have gaps… I put in some topside braces too which may help. The path to good modules is not easy…

Nigel and I spent this afternoon slicing up the wood for the legs. I know the normal way is to do upright pairs of legs but we decided to do trestles. The fixing blocks I use on the ply (because you can’t screw into the ends) get in the way a bit. Trestles can go on the next set of braces in and are self levelling if you have some way of controlling the spread – a chain should do.

Here’s what they look like when laid out:

Wavy modules

Wavy modules

You can still see a mild amount of cupping on the ones below but they seem mostly ok now. This is the worst I think:

Cupped module end boards

Next up are the legs…