Taking stock

I went to the Slim Gauge Circle today which is a narrow gauge get together with a few traders, second hand and models on display. A few people commented that they look at my website so I thought I had better update it!

I’ve changed job and spend so much time travelling that I have lost my modelling times when I used to do things. I haven’t got round to working out how to carve out some more time to replace it. My boss says not to worry as the modelling will always be there, which is true but it’s annoying none the less. On the bright side – at least I have a job!

I have done one small project and started 2 more. The first thing that I did was a Full Steam Ahead bowling alley. It’s a lovely kit. I haven’t done an interior as the back will be towards the audience. It still needs it’s final destination before I finish the scenery:

Full Steam Ahead bowling alley

I will finish the weathering, and then take some more photos but it was a bit windy earlier and I didn’t want my billboard to fly off when I take it outside!

I also took stock of my ongoing projects. I have quite a few:

One blast from the past was my Thomas Yorke bordello that I painted last year (or was it the year before?). I’d forgotten how much I had done. I had done most of the painting of the resin parts but not the hydrocal ones yet. This is where I am:

Thomas Yorke Bordello pieces

Good thing I rarely cook! I dullcoted them and will start working on it again. I even have printed wall paper for the inside! I have a few figures – ladies of the night – but need a few more to populate the house. Fun and Games do a lovely set of suitable figures so I must get some. Troels Kirk has some excellent ones on his layout.

The next two projects I have started are a Fos Scale background building – the lithographers. I’m renaming it to RD Smith’s for a friend who used to work in printing. The other project (accounting for most of the mess) is a Bar Mills Schmidtchen’s building. You can see it taking shape below:

kitchen clutter

I have 99% finished my FSM Pile Driver and these are a few of the left over castings that I am making up for use elsewhere. The boat was just too cluttered for one that is moored up like mine is but all these will find a home elsewhere:


I do need to tidy too – this is my supposed modelling bench in the utility although I now model in the kitchen as there is more space!

utility clutter

I’m putting sound in an On30 Consolidation but broke a plug so have just got a replacement from Bachmann.

On30 consolidation

My New Haven Comet arrived. I didn’t get the sound version as the feedback wasn’t great but I haven’t got a decent Tsunami replacement yet. Ted Smale at SCC is working on it for me. As it isn’t chipped, I haven’t run it yet…


There’s a very long story about a rail truck… I had one for 2 years before I ran it and then it didn’t move. I tried fixing it but the metal rod on a set of gears spins round inside the gears. I trashed one end trying to fix it and then realised the other end was spinning too! Bachmann thankfully replaced it but had run out of rail trucks so I got another rail bus instead. It’s upside down here as I was trying to replace a busted step. Bachmann sent me the part but it’s still on my to do list…

On30 consolidation

I am also working on bits for my upstairs layout including some river walls and trestle abutments. These are all out of South River Modelworks kits:

SRMW trestles

One, as yet unstarted, project is a 1:35 Stryker to go and help those Autobots kick Decepticons!


A couple of finished projects are my Transformers diorama where Optimus and Bumblebee have found a few friends…


but Starscream and Barricade are squaring up for a fight!


I hope the bikini car wash survives.

I also made some ground foam:

ground foam

That’s all for now but I’ll hopefully get some modelling done.