Thomas Yorke Bordello mid way photos

Another day off, more fun on the bordello! Here’s where I am. I should have said that the wallpaper is resized and stitched together from images of vintage wallpaper from the internet.

Bordello front

Bordello side view

Bordello front side view

Bordello side view

Bordello first floor rust

Bordello extension

I put the interior walls in. I still need to do doors, paintings and beds etc. The beds and people are still in the US so it may be a while before I can put the doors and paintings on. I will make some rugs etc too.

Bordello first floor view from above

Bordello front wall

Bordello back wall

Bordello extension

I love the way you can see through various holes in the walls to get different angles. I put the walls together to get the angles before furnishing it.

Interior wall through hole

Bordello back door

Love this view, just need to touch up some of the raw resin edges.

Bordello looking up