Bordello interior details

This is the bar behind which will have loads of bottles. I’ve printed some bottle labels and have some Calibre 48 bottles to fill the bar.

Bordello bar

I put an inside to the front so that it has more depth.

Bordello bar

Bordello doors

The plywood panel is a decal I picked up at a military modelling show:

Plywood transfer

Bordello interior

Bordello first floor balcony door

There will be a few curtains on the windows. Not too sure about these tissue ones yet…

Tissue curtains

This is an O scale inhabitant to fit for size. I’m not sure there’ll be room for much other than a bed in any of the rooms…

Bordello bathroom extension

The bathroom addition barely has room for a bath. I want it to mirror the one in High Plains Drifter:

high plains drifter clint

I have a male nude coming but he may need some hacking to fit in the really small bath I have.

Bordello bath

I need to put in a set of stairs (or a ladder) to the upper level. I thought about putting a curtain across here so I could do a set of steps in the small ante room. I think it will depend on the size of the bed. I don’t think the wash stand will fit with the bed….

Bordello wash stand

He does look good through the window. This is the only window with a fly screen on, the rest have lost theirs…

Wash stand male through window