Bordello roofing

It’s the end of the holidays and I managed to get a few more things done. Back to the grindstone now and no time for modelling.

I started by using my twisted wood to do the roof with dips. I used thin balsa strips for the lathes and bent them into the dips. They ended up getting mostly cracked to fit but I did want to keep the undulations. I forgot to take a photo without the lathes on so this is when I remembered:

Bordello rafters and lathes

First I put on normal copy paper strips stained with a dark india ink and IPA mix. I used card glue from Deluxe Materials to glue the strips down:

Bordello tar paper

I then stripped sections off to get the worn out beat up look:

Bordello torn tar paper

More torn tar paper

I then used tissue stained with the IPA mix as patches:

Bordello tar paper patches

You can see the dips in the roof:

Bordello roof

Bordello finished roof

I’m thinking of putting in some eaves pieces of wood to cover the gap you can see from this angle:

Bordello eaves

I got a lovely box of goodies from BTS to make the insides for the saloon. I love the piano:

BTS piano

All it needs now are the people (who are hopefully mid-Atlantic as we speak):

Bordello bar interior