Fascias and elbow protectors

Ok, June was a bust because my Mum was ill and I have lost all my modelling time to work. Moan over.

I have started to do my fascias on the lower level as the visible mess annoys me. I now have 15m of black cotton twill waiting to make the curtains and have been putting in the hardboard fascias.

I want to put up acrylic sheet protectors on the lower level to stop those stray elbows that take out models all over the place. Some people don’t have a lot of spatial awareness! I’ve measured them up but am waiting to see how much they cost before finally deciding how to fix them.

This one piece took me forever to cut!

complicated lower level fascia

lower level fascia

lower level fascia

They’ll all get painted black and I have set the storage level control board into the hardboard fascia. None of the other fascias will have any controls except the plug in points for the controllers as they control turnouts as well.