Bordello lighting

I have been incredibly distracted by work and that’s not a good thing! I received a lovely package from Vectorcut which included some gorgeous screen doors:

Vectorcut goodies

I also received some gorgeous little people…

Bordello inhabitants

Bordello inhabitants

As you can see there is quite a way to go…

The Bordello does not have running water or electricity but you can’t see the people without some lighting. I therefore made up some paraffin lamps from beads, 1:35 Calibre bottles as shades and LEDs with winding wire for power supply. These are the large hanging ones:

Hanging lanterns

Bordello lanterns

The LEDs are those really small ones – a couple millimetres at most. I probably lose more than I successfully solder…

Really small LEDs

Not sure these are quite right but these are the ones for the rooms:

Bordello lamps

I’ve made up some furniture for the lamps to sit on but didn’t take any photos! I have cut holes which I will glue the lamps over and then solder some larger LEDs underneath.