Bordello lighting… Again…

I’m still working on that pesky lighting. After many days, I am now weighing philosophical debates about whether you should be able to see the room inhabitants in daylight as you wouldn’t normally see into houses until the lights are on after dark… It’s a real pain.

First I added LEDs pointing down through holes in the floors above the oil lamps to light those areas a little more. Here’s the view from above:

Floor lighting

I’d put some photos of the rooms in but there was no real improvement on the middle level. The bar improved a bit:

Less gloomy bar

And at night:

Bar at night

Photos are a real nightmare, in the day all you see is reflections and at night, there isn’t enough light for it to work…

I feel like a voyeur taking loads of photos through windows of naked people… with the roof off you do get some good peaks:

Bordello girls in the attic

I’ve had to put a bit of paper painted dark hanging through a crack to hide this LED. It’s the only one which is visible from a window:

Attic by night

I decided to add more LEDs because I do want to see the people at some point.

This is the room with day light because the roof is off:

Attic by daylight

This was the result with the new bank of LEDs:

Attic with additional LEDs

This is it soldered up and glued into place:

LED bank

I used a bank of LEDs as one on its own just wasn’t enough. First I glued four of the large LEDs that I have together:


I didn’t want them too white – even though they are golden glow they are still quite white so I painted them with some Tamiya orange transparent paint:

LEDs painted orange

You now get a much better view when night comes:

Attic with orange LEDs

And Clarke took the chance to get up to some hanky panky:


I added three banks of LEDs to the bar and it really shows up in daylight now (please ignore wonky lights!):

Bar with extra lighting

Bar lanterns

I now set about hiding the LEDs. Now you see it:

Curtains to hide LEDs

Now you don’t:

LEDs hidden

This is the middle level LEDs:

First floor LEDs

I did red pelmets but thought that they lost too much light:

Red pelmets

So I replaced those with white ones:

White pelmets

You won’t really see them, ever except when the roof is off. I will dirty them up too. This view will be blocked eventually by a curtain to give the inhabitants some privacy…


The middle level now rocks when it sits on the lower level. I cut off the ends of the roof beams but still haven’t solved the problem yet. The underneath looks a bit of a mess. I painted the underneath black to act as a shadow if it is seen at all:

Ground floor ceiling

The results are still a bit mixed in daylight but I’ll try later tonight when the surrounding room is dark:

Dark windows

Stygian darkness

I’m wondering how to build a frame that keeps the light out but you can still see the bordello…

I also made some rugs and pictures:

Bordello art work

And the bar:

Bordello bar shelving