Hardboard fascias on lower level

Last week was magical as I went to Copenhagen and visited Pelle Soeeborg and Troels Kirk. Two amazing modellers! I came back full of inspiration but have just done my fascias. Ho hum. They needed doing.

I am putting in acrylic protectors so need the base to put them in. I have done the fascias now all the way around in hardboard. The gaps still need filling and there is some trimming needing doing on the top edge when I decide on the upper scenery.

First I “built” a pocket using 10.5mm square wood to edge a base of wood or ply:

lower level acrylic protector pockets

At the same time I put in the white line below which is for net curtains. I’m going to string black curtains on underneath to hide the clutter…

Some areas are problematic and until I decide what I am doing with the scenery, will remain semi finished:

lower level fascias

Some bits I had to bend so I soaked the hardboard overnight in my bath. You can see the darker colour below:

peninsular fascias

It does look more finished:

yard fascia pocket

peninsular fascia