Bordello porch

I thought the customers may need some hand rails given the likelihood of them partaking in a few whiskies before they went upstairs:

Back stairs hand rail

Back stairs

Someone, and apologies becasue I can’t remember where, recommended the following cedar grilling wraps. I’m not sure about the cedar as the grain is quite course. First I soaked it in A&I solution:

Staining cedar grill wrap

It didn’t look grey enough:

Cedar grill wrap

I added some Natural acrylic paint but it was a bit blotchy when mixed with the A&I so I squidged it around a lot. This is the result:

Grey cedar grill wrap

When dry it comes out like this:

Dry grill wrap

Up close it is quite open grain with paint blotches. Hopefully it will look alright when loads of shingles are cut and mixed:

Close up of grill wrap

I made a porch roof. Just a few pieces of wood:

Porch roof rafters

Next up was the porch itself. I’m not attaching it to the upper storeys because I need to be able to remove them to change LEDs etc:

Porch uprights

One area is fairly rotten so be careful if you step out up there:

Porch floor

The roof was a bit straight so I wonked up those rafters and attached them to the porch. The upper wooden piece is not attached to the upper storey:

Porch roof

Porch roof