Bordello scenery

I’ve been distracted by the garden but did manage to start on the landscaping. The first layer always looks awful but it tones down over time. I first painted the base with yellow ochre. A hideous colour but better than white:

Yellow ochre painted base

I then dusted (and heaped) on a sand coloured grout. It’s a bit lumpy so appears to have pebbles in it:

Sand coloured grout

I then thought I should put down the railroad track so I drew in a line, marked off every 21″ and drew some perpendicular marks to line the sleepers up on. The sleepers are Kappler which I distressed with a saw and a knife. I used a dark ink and IPA mix to stain them. I laid them using a bit of PVA and some weights to even them up:

Track bed

I covered the base and scattered a few Woodlands Scenics various grades of talus around and scored in some wheel ruts in front in the street:


I used some different coloured grouts:

Different grout

I added a bit of Woodland Scenics’ earth blend to add some richness:

Earth blend

I soak it with IPA and water and then use diluted white glue. I dripped some brown dilute acrylic paint in places to liven up the base a bit. I’m only a third of the way across:

Gluing grout

Gluing scenery