Diorama final scenery

The diorama is nearing the end… I had some bare patches so added more grout. I also did a light dusting over the top of the shiny bits. If I just drip IPA and water on, it dries much more matte than with glue as well.

Scenery finish

This is what I’m trying to get rid of, a solid looking slightly glossy finish with a bit of yellow ochre showing.

Scenery finish close up

I mixed three or four colours and lengths of Noch and Woodland Scenics grass and used a static grass applicator to drift it on to glue patches.

Static grass

Static grass

Track bed and grass

Static grass

I hoovered it off.

Bordello in scenery

I thought I should finally get around to laying the track. I handlaid it using MicroEngineering code 75 and hand spiked it, 4 spikes per tie. It’s a bit wavy up and down and nothing will ever run over it…

Track work

I put in some joints and scratch built some joint bars. It’s amazing how many NBWs you can lose…

Rail joiners

I put in the final inhabitants. Unfortunately I decided to put some red lipstick on and she looks like she’s auditioning to be the joker… a slight bit of flesh needed to cover it up.

Bordelllo street front

Saloon girl

Ditto on this lady’s lipstick… I need to put in some extra grout as there are a few gaps under the shoes.

Bordello patron negotiating

This guy has his eyes firmly fixed somewhere…

Bordello patron

I must get my camera off Mum because the iphone just doesn’t take sharp photos up close. I need to spray some shiny patches but need to clear a gap in the garage to get in there as even I draw the limit at spraying dullcote on my granite work surfaces!