Maschinen Krieger

I recently bought the latest AK Interactive magazine – the first on rust, the second on dust and the next on chips and scratches. The first two magazines each have an article on a Maschinen Krieger – which I fell in love with. There were quite a few websites which were also inspirational and I particularly liked the painting techniques I saw. Here is one favourite – a snowman.


Snowman 2

The technique includes many thin layers of stippled paint to build up a real depth and patina. These are the basic models. They are all on their fronts because two will be hanging off a cliff!

The final design is going to be a diorama for the NMRA BR convention square foot challenge. This is a problem as it needs to have something railroady on it somewhere. My original thought was an asteroid mining colony with the three suits up on a ledge, one fallen off, one grabbing him and one just pointing in shock!

At the bottom are a Krote and a Gans (automated weapons platforms) looking up at them. A maglev will add the railroady element – not your traditional railroad so something a little different.

The lads

First off I sprayed a coat of Halford’s black car paint:

Black car paint

Next up is a coat of thin white Vallejo thinned with glaze medium, splodged on to get the first layer of depth:

Thin coat of Vallejo

I forgot to take a picture so the top two have the next coat – a thin glaze of a warm Vallejo brown with the first coat peaking through. I did want the legs to be cooler so they legs missed the brown out. The bottom guy has the next layer on:

Warm brown

All three now have the next coat – a mix of Vallejo dark yellow and white, thinned with glaze medium, and splodged on again:

Glaze coat

A close up of the effect – the start of the many layers: next up some masking and the orange coats:

Close up