Painting MaK

I realised that I never said the scale – these are 1:20. The kits are two Gustavs and a Ketzer by Wave. I also have a Wave Gans and a Nitto Krote. I painted a lot more layers. Three orange layers, this is the first, Vallejo orange red:

Orange Red coats

I painted on a mix of red and the orange red and then blended in some orange and yellow mixed to give some variation and depth:

Oranges and Reds

Close up

I painted some symbols on the shoulder pads as I deliberately didn’t want anything obviously English. I scuffed them up with a file as they looked too pristine:

Shoulder pads

I chipped and scuffed the suits with a small file and a chopstick. An amazing Mak modeller, LinK,, uses them. I added some paint to the edge of the chopstick which then transferred as scuffs to the suits. The file only went as deep as the first coat – a black Halfords paint:


I added decals as per the kit instructions:



I added a thin coat of grey oil paint and didn’t really like it so I added a tonne of pigment. The suits are upside down as their feet are drying:




Since then I have added the clear pieces to the laser and the front and started on my Gans. I’m also doing Bonecrusher and the Stryker but loads of weathering takes time to dry so I’m doing 4 things at once…