Weathering continues

The little guys above are done, heads in place and visors in… wish I had remembered to take a photo!

I did take photos of my big boys being built. These are so cute! The bigger one is a Nitto Krote and the smaller one a Wave Gans:

Build finished

They are all pointing up as they will be beneath the men hanging down.

My boys

Aren’t they adorable!

Krote and Gans

I painted them with Halfords grey primer and then a coat of Tamiya dark sea grey. It wasn’t quite dark enough so I added a paynes grey filter from oils. I had read on a forum that there were problem withe the Gans legs and that they may split with the turps in the oils but I thought the primer would protect them… it didn’t. this one shattered and the other one cracked. The leg is made up of two parts and they don’t quite meet up tightly at the leg joint. Obviously this adds a stress and the turps just stresses it too much:

Shattered leg

Shattered leg

Shattered leg

Whoops but nothing that a good glob of super glue can’t fix. The boys keep sagging down on their joints so I added a bit of super glue on both legs to fix the position. I can only do it because I know the final position. I then painted the ends orange as they are construction automated armed thingies so the bits that stick out got the same colour as the armoured fighting suits.

Painted up

That all looked a bit flat and boring so I added a wash of vallejo white and black grey thinned with glaze medium. I splodged it everywhere with a big brush using a mix of the two colours.

Glaze medium

It looks better dry. I even covered the orange to tone it down a bit:

Orange toned down

A bit blurry I’m afraid but the next coat was a MIG dark wash splodged on quite liberally with a smaller brush and then spread a bit using the bigger brush and MIG thinner for washes (other wise known as white spirit).

Mig Wash

I think they look much more worn and dirty now. I may do some chips but am not sure that the file technique I used on the fighting suits will work as they had a black undercoat which was very robust but these have grey primer.

Worn out

This one tips down still so he’s resting on a bottle. I’ll pop a spot of superglue on when I’m done.

Propped up