Finishing off projects

Had a day off yesterday although I did buy a few essential train items first thing – sad I know but I’ve got some projects which need a few things to finish them off.

Can you guess what hideous torture this was:


Yes, fitting people into buses and trains. I did try finishing my DCC projects but that involved bits on all of them that I didn’t have the right gubbins for example, speakers for my On30 consolidation and my Comet. I’m also not totally sure how to fit everything into the Comet without showing so I’m mulling that over. In the meanwhile it got some passengers (with legs!):


The legless ones were for the buses which looked great here…

fishbowl buses

And here:


I then thought I would weather them with some Mig washes. this one isn’t too bad:


This one not so good. I’m not too sure what to do as I don’t want to repaint now so I might wait and see what it is like when it is totally dry:


I also put the sides to the dock on my peninsula and put some cut up pieces of wood in to soak in a medium india ink/IPA wash. I then decided my Walthers yard office looked boring (and plastic). I wanted that worn painted look so sprayed it with extra hold hairspray and then handpainted some Vallejo white paint on it. Not sure how it will work with handpainting over hairspray as I usually spray. Here’s a blurry idea of how it looks now. Weathering to come…

walthers yard office