Christmas chores

I finished off a few more things whilst off over Christmas.

First off the dock. I ran out of wood but this is where the edging reached up to:



I did the bridge front using a dilute coat of Vallejo desert yellow and then IPA and india ink. Finally I put on some Colron Medium Oak wood stain. Finally I put some dilute Vallejo acrylic iraqi sand for the mortar lines:

downtown tunnel

This is the Walthers yard office in place:

yard office

I used up all of my plaster bandages on the bottom layer. Generally I painted the bandages with dilute acrylic and then I used brown grout sieved on as an extra layer to build up the terrain:

yard grout

I’m not too keen on the very back risers as they look a bit flat with hindsight. This is the yard area:

back risers

The flat section is for the gas tank:

gas tanks scenery

yard throat

The other side needed doing too:

HH660 and port lead

I had a pile of foam filling in a gap but it looked really messy:

NEBISCO corner

It looks much better covered in bandage:

NEBISCO and port lead

I used black grout and some Woodland Scenics fine ballast for the yard area. The grout is the first layer as I expect I will need to do a lot of detailing. I just wanted to cover up all the white for now! All the grout needs gluing down well or it gets everywhere. You can see the backdrop glued in place too. There’s plastic over the front to protect it for now:

yard with black grout

yard glue

yard grout

The next morning it does look better but needs a bit more drying.

dried yard grout