Rusty Tank

This was the first time I had ever used Deluxe Materials Scenic Rust. I always use their CA glues and have always found them log lasting in the model and they do not clog up excessively. The Scenic Rust product contains a small pot of iron powder, a binder (glue) and a developer. You dab glue on and then sprinkle on the iron powder, wait for it to dry and drip on the developer. Rust soon develops!

scenic rust

For the tank, I started with a Backwoods Miniatures’ tank from a slope back tender I used behind a Porter. As the Porter was wood powered, the tank was spare. The tank was etched brass. I built it up and sprayed it with a grey automotive primer. I then put on some patches of rust. I developed the patches and also put on splodges of rubber cement. I then sprayed a layer of black automotive primer and removed the rubber cement leaving patches of peeling paint around the edges. I put more and more layers of rust until I was happy with the end result.

In the end I was dead chuffed with how it came out:

Rusty Tank

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