Scenery base

I finished off the other side of the track on the swamp module ensuring that the track lined up with the next module in both orientations.

I then thought that rather than put the missing uprights in, I would firm up the scenery for them to sit on first.

I am much happier now I am back on scenery, something I am relatively good at!

I first use a really thin layer of plaster bandages. I used 10 to cover all 4 modules. These are plater moulding strips from Hobbycraft and are much better than their previous bandages. These are slightly wider than previously and have no loose plaster at all. They absorb water easily and don’t drip. A joy to use.

This is the swamp module. I fear the water’s a little deep… The remaining piles need to go in.

Swamp module

This module goes from centre track to the side and should have a junk yard on it.

Junk yard module

This is the workshop module and is reversible within the adjacent modules to give either a ripple shape or a curve. The blue foam will have the missing ties out in and then the scupltamold layer.

Workshop module

Finally the grassy crossover module. Can’t lay the track yet as I don’t have a p48 car to test it yet…

Crossover module