Swamp track laying

My first blog post whilst modelling – the joys of modern technology!

I am not liking the swamp module! The first module track went down ok once I started to use proper joiners rather than the good looking plastic tie plates. This module is nasty.

I’m using balsa wood ties as recommended by a friend who has hand laid more track than I’ve had hot dinners. I hate it. It wasn’t too bad on the first module but if you slip you leave a round dent from the plier tips. This module has been very different. Now I am laying in mid air, the balsa has no grab on the spikes and they just pull straight back out again. The sections on ply wood must have a different type as I cannot get the spikes into it and every tie now has lovely round holes in it leaving the rail in mid air above a crater. I am not happy. It’s getting a bit late to do anything so I think there will be a lot of dirt around this section. Suffice to say, there is now a tonne of aliphatic glue holding everything together.

Swamp tie craters

I stained the one side again and it looks too dark now:

Swamp craters after staining too dark

There’s loads of nasty glue here so I guess I’ll end up doing a full repaint.

Mid air ties

You can get an overall picture:

Mid air section

Mid air section side view

Can’t say I like blogging on wordpress on my iPad. Getting photos in is a real nightmare. On the plus side, the iPad takes nice close up photos.