Module transport

I spent the day doing all those little chores that clog up your to do list and prevent you from getting on to fun things like modelling. I did build the transport cases for my modules. I will admit to being lazy so I didn’t build a full case but just two pieces of wood to bolt on the sides. Thankfully each module has handy holes to bolt the sides on. I added some handles and this is the result:

The end boards do fit in the car but I haven’t tried a module yet so let’s hope they fit on the Saturday morning when I am off to the Spring Meet. It’s more of a worry whether the legs will fit too…

Having tried to get the modules in and out, I have to put the top module on first so when I put it in, I can’t drop it on the level below. Having tried taking the top module out first, it’s clear that this is a LIFO (last in first out) case.

Module transport sides

Module transport end board