First running!

I finished laying the track up to my turnout and made the frog from some track. I’ve glued the frog in place. I’m not going to start the rest of the turnout before the spring meet so I wired in the electrics for the track that’s down.

I put the three modules next to each other on their legs. Not easy on your own now that the top is solid. I hit one area where the rails hit each other when I bolted the modules together. My snipping mangled the end so I might get my slitting disc out when I take the modules down. They are not easy to line up although the modules have a lot of wiggle room so it is easy to adjust…

I put my slab car on and pushed it around, tweaked the gauge where it derailed or looked unhappy, and attached a controller with some bulldog clips.

Finally, I got out a little Bachmann Davenport and ran him up and down as far as I could… Woohoo!