NMRA Spring Meet

I had a lovely weekend at the NMRA Spring Meet. I took my FremOn30 modules which was a real test! Nigel and I spent 40 minutes trying to get them in the car with hysterical outbursts from me every time they scuffed the lining… We finally got them in but had to leave one set of legs behind that we just couldn’t squeeze in.

I’d deliberately left the module carrying heights as high as possible as I didn’t know what the scenery would be. Easy enough to sort once I decide… But the next outing isn’t until Benson next January.

I had a number of real learning points:

I hate the legs! The trestles don’t really support at e dry point and fall over easily when the modules are being put up or taken down. I demolished a fireplace, decapitated a candle and took a chunk out of the wallpaper at home on Friday trying to take them down on my own…

Thankfully the show was full of great ideas and Tom Winlow was very kind in spending ages showing all the various options an tips he had. Nigel is inspired and tinkering on some mark II legs as he fancied the challenge.

The end transport boards need a ledge to rest the upper board on whilst tightening the wing nuts.

There is a dip as you come off the piled area which causes couplers to uncouple so I need to do some remedial action there. Nigel’s rail bus comes off at one other point because there is a dip and the rail bus lacks front/back wiggle. Not sure whether I’ll change that or not.

All in all it was a great testing weekend and I’m going back next year. Hopefully with scenery…

NMRA Spring Meet