Hand Car Shed finally started

I’ve been on holiday, started a new job and finally found time to build my hand car shed… It’s for the kit forums challenge so I have until the 4th July to finish it…

I did assemble the hand car (at last and not very well) and then painted it.

I started the hand car shed basing it on one in the Argent Lumber book. Mine is a chunkier version and not a pump house but a hand car shed.

The walls are basically square.  The framing has a space in the middle for a window:


These are the side walls and I’ve used the doors as a template for the size. I’ll scratchbuild them:

Starting the walls

I started with the boards around the windows:

Framing and boards

When done, I put the walls under a brick. I’ve never used glass before so thought I would try it with the green cutting mat underneath to give the straight lines:

Walls under a brick

Here’s the final walls. I’ve used a right mix of battens to give a bit of variety:

Hand Car Shed

I’ve really enjoyed getting some actual modelling done!