Hand Car Shed continues

I managed a few little bits today.  I’d already glued the floor planks to a bit of card the right size.  I’d cut the rail to the right size to come out of the shed and up to the main running rails.

I also put on the roof from card – with the underneath sprayed black with car primer.  I used serviette tissues for the roofing.  Not sure it came out right but it’s there now.  There’s only two strips on the original so the tissue was applied in two layers.

Tissue roof

I weathered the floor using splodges of AK weathering streaks and MIG dark wash.

Shed floor

It was a bit stark so I dabbed on some MIG Industrial City Dirt pigment.  As the washes were still slightly damp, I like the way that they have bled into the pigments.

Shed floor with pigments