I’ve been a bit stumped about the scenery for my shed but finally sort inspiration from the Argent book and decided on grass.  I used whatever I had lying around such as this Silfor grass mat.  It has nice variations and textures in it:

Silflor grass mat

I used it as a base layer and then used the packs of sleepers to weigh it down against the scenery ups and downs:

Starting the grass

I have an old rusty car I’d already done that is going to finally find a home:

Dilapidated car

This is the rest of the grass mat in place:

First grass layer in

The ground soil needs to be a bit redder in colour so I added some diluted paint in the open spots:

Soil paint colour

I used my Noch Grasmaster to add green grass and then added a layer of glue and straw coloured grass as a top coat:

Grasmaster in place

I’m just waiting for the glue to dry before hoovering.