Layout – taking stock

I had a lovely day on Saturday at TVNAM which was an excellent show. Rich and my Dad came with me and afterwards we went up to look at my loft layout. Now I will admit that I don’t go up very often as my modelling time has shrunk, I am doing loads if other things such as MaK, transformers, FremOn30 modules…

It was great to show someone around and get some enthusiasm back so let night I tallied up my unfinished projects. These are the ones I gave started but not yet completed rather tan the ones I haven’t even touched yet.

This was my sorry list:

Gasometer in place

Forleys Lithography
Heritage Furniture to Tovey’s Textiles

Upper level track (the bridge is out!)

Tug boat
Car float

Dock ground around rails
Dock piling

Wharf detailing eg rope, paint scuffs birds etc.

Track scales

Backdrop building behind NEBISCO

Under elevated Union Storage building

Pile driver

Bowling alley and hot dog interior

Tenement lighting and laundry

Rolling Stock:

Broken bonnet
FM steps

Hmmm, first I mus finish the ones on my work bench downstairs and then get on with these…