Back on the layout

After showing Rich and my Dad my layout last week I thought I should actually get on with doing something up there.

Near the top of my list was sticking the remaining grout down which I did last Sunday. Not exciting enough for a photo!

I then was thinking about what to do next. I was torn between the upper level (which needs track etc) or doing the dock area which will count towards my AP scenery square footage. I settled on the latter. I needed to put the concrete around the rails to finalise the height of the dock edging.

Dock concrete

I only did the straight areas as I’m debating the best way to do the points etc but I did all the way around the left hand dock.

Embedded track area

There are some gaps that I need to fill in after the fact:

Dock inlet

There is going to be a kit bashed pier building on the left. The frontage is from a Walthers State Line Farm Supply kit.

Pier building location

I still need to do the edges more neatly and then paint them black:

Concrete edge

I cut out the top layer of the card and set in some of this:

Noch street stick on

This is the result:

Cobbles set in