Arriving at Atlanta

I am sitting in the immense lobby of the hotel. It’s about 12 storeys high but the view from my room is a car park and freeway. (Very grey at the moment).

The trip here was loooooonnnnnnggggggg. I set off about 6:30 from home having got up at 5:10am and arrived about midnight local time. Almost 24 hours later! I was 6 hours delayed… First flight was 1.5 hours late, my connection at Newark was cancelled and my rebooked flight was almost an hour late. Thankfully Neal Carnaby offered to pick me up and drop me to the hotel. It was so nice to see a face I knew!

The 6 hours at Newark went fast as I ran into a father and daughter travelling over here for his wedding. We both ended up in the same transfer desk queues trying to get flights. United’s best offer was leaving today at 6am via Chicago! We swapped to Delta.

Olivia was 3 so we played running, hide and seek, drag the bag, use the restroom…. And when we ran out of that, I whipped the ipad out. Thankfully I have quite a bit on for Trishy but we did exhaust them all! She did very well given we didn’t get on the last plane until 1:30am UK time! I also got Shaun’s (Dad) life history. I met a nice guy called Cary on the second flight so learnt a lot about Atlanta.

I was so glad to get to bed at around 5am UK time! The room is massive: two king size beds, a dressing area… Now if only the view was nicer.

I’m now sat having eaten a egg and bacon muffin from Starbucks (my first meal since lunch yesterday in a UK time zone) and am wondering how to find any of the train guys. I have Ozzie Mike’s room number but he wasn’t answering. It doesn’t help that I don’t know what any of them look like!

Anyway, it’s 8:30 and the mall opens at 10am so at least I can shop later!