Sunday morning update

I had a great day yesterday at the BOD meeting. All the guys involved in the NMRA are absolutely wonderful and I feel really privileged to be working with them.

Everybody asks after Nobby (the previous Atlantic Director) – he’s a hard act to follow and much loved!

I’m getting better at sleeping the correct hours woke up at 4 yesterday and gave up and got up at 6. Woke up at 6 this morning. Much better.

It was sunny on Friday but rained on and off yesterday although I didn’t notice as I was working…

Having finally met up with Charlie (his wife Margaret) and Ozzie Mike on Friday, I dragged them out for hair gel ( a first for Charlie) and then went shopping at some train stores. I bought a NYNHH lantern and a telegraph insulator amongst other things. My suitcase was only 11kg and half empty on the way put deliberately! We went to the Varsity (a drive in that has grown and grown) which is famous for its hot dogs. I had a chilli slaw dog with onion rings. Weird.

I did meet up with all the rest of the BOD Friday night for a caucus and spent yesterday in a BOD meeting and then straight out on a BOD bus trip to Swallow in the Hollow (baby ribs, Brunswick stew (pork stew), fried green tomatoes and a biscuit (a very light scone)). I was absolutely stuffed.


I’m wearing my Atlantic District t-shirt. I love the logo. On to a UK layout and then on to an HOn3 depiction of the RGS. Beautiful! The houses were massive and the first couple were originally from the UK. It’s ironic that I go all the way to the US and the first layout I see is English!

I am surprised how green it is here but it does rain a lot. Humidity not bad. Absolutely freezing though from all the air con.

The maglev tour has been cancelled because the road was washed out…

Going to get up now and get ready for another morning of BOD stuff.