Monday lunch time

It’s been a busy couple of days. I had a BOD meeting yesterday followed by an international committee lunch in a bar (hard). I then went to the mall for a SIM card and spent a fortune on clothes…

I retreated to the Convention welcome drinks and went off to supper (note the huge amount of eating involved). We had a BOD soirée in the evening.

Today was a trip to world of coca cola and CNN studios. We tried the 60 flavours of Coca Cola drinks from around the world. They have over 3,500 products! The Englsh one was bitter lemon by a brand I had never heard of. CNN were huge with live studios and a lot of anticipation about the royal birth.

Coca Cola Polar Bear

Just got back and off to an international committee meeting followed by Meet the President.

It’s all really busy but I’m meeting loads of amazing people and the accent is a hit.