I counted; I have 27 mosquito bites. I bought some 70% rubbing alcohol (the thing all UK modellers look for and can’t find) which helps a little but I’m itching.

I went on a train trip through Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia today. It loops round and crosses itself! I’d say cool but there were 4 coaches and the staff had been told not to air con the two observation cars. We went up to the dome and sat on these plush cream arm chairs that you sink 6″ into. The conductor described it as being like ants under a magnifying glass and he was not wrong. It was like a sauna.

We popped in to look at the train show set up which was looking about the size of Warley.

I finally made it to the Cheesecake Factory for tea but was too full for cheesecake.

Early night as I keep getting up at 5 something and am shattered.