I’m on my way home, woohoo!

I’ve loved my visit but I need a rest. Everyone has been so welcoming and so kind. I haven’t stopped and have met some amazing guys.

I’m sat in departures waiting for my flight to Frankfurt. It’s actually a Lufthansa flight so hopefully will be different movies to the way out. I’m also drinking a frozen orange from the Varsity (hot dog place) which are justly famous (in Atlanta).

I spent the morning at the train show. I think everyone has lost their oomph and I’ve lost my voice. The double whiskeys last night helped so it’s not hurting too much…

Erika kindly gave me a lift to the airport and, for once, the traffic was good. Atlanta has the 9th worst traffic in the US.

Looking back, I was in the modelling doldrums but this has given me a kick. Pete Magoun wants me to finish my MMR by next year! Doable but work may get in the way. I have so many ideas, I’ve operated a great layout, seen a swamp and been able to take part in the BOD. There’s a lot to do when I get back but I’m looking forward to it.