Last Day

It’s my last morning in Atlanta. I’ll be sad to be leaving but I have come down with the BOD throat. Everyone on the BOD bar a couple of people have the lurgy.

Yesterday I went for my first ops session US style at Joe Gelmini’s layout. Really cool. Very daunting at first but Bob Amsler was my conductor and walked me through it.

I went back to the Train Show in the afternoon to chat to a few people. After a while I ran out if oomph so went and packed to check it all fitted. It does! My lantern is in carry on which should be interesting.

I then went to the banquet to collect Werner Meer’s award which I will pass to Nobby to award to Werner. There was an I love Lucy tribute which was funny but everyone else remembers the original…

Back to the bar afterwards…

Train show this morning and I’m leaving at 3 for the airport – flying home via Frankfurt. Erika is kindly giving me a lift again – I feel spoilt!