Prototype Train

I’ve been looking at the train trying to get as much detail as I can. I want to get it as close as possible.

This is a side on photo of the same train further down:

Side on view of train

I know the first loco is #530 which is a phase 1a.

The second loco looks like #556, a phase 1b loco.

Second loco number

Unfortunately my RS-3s are by Atlas and are the rebuilds. The observant amongst you will have noticed that I used RS-1s in my photo match yesterday because they have the right headlights.

I think the Athearn RS-3s which came out in 2007ish are the correct variant.

The next box car is a Clinchfield and Atlas do a similar model.

Clinchfield box car

I can’t make head nor tail of the caboose number. Does it end in a 7? That might be wishful thinking as I have a caboose model of NE-6 ending in a 7. I will have to do some more research.