Prototype Certificate continues

I pulled out my Atlas RS-3s. I have decided to use these and update the headlights.

My RS-3s

My RS-3 front ends

The guys from the New Haven Internet Modellers have been invaluable and I need to get the following detail parts:

Cal Scale: Pyle Headlight for Diesels (Brass Casting) Single Beam Style Part # 190-396
Custom Finishing: Cab Type Signal Box w/Exciter Part # 247-125
Custom Finishing: Shrouded Steam Generator Stack for ALCO RS Units (Metal Casting) Part # 247-151

Microscale Inc: New Haven – NH (New York, New Haven & Hartford – NYNH&H) Green & Orange Hood Unit Diesels 1947-55 Part # 460-871001

Still to sort:
Mushroom vent for the short hood
Horn to be mounted off centre

C-581 (an NE-5 class) and C-709 (an NE-6 class) were both assigned to NY-2 and YN-1 in the 1953 caboose and work train assignment booklet. Any number of engines could have been assigned to those trains. RS-3’s #551 and #555 stationed out of Hartford Yard were usually assigned to NX21 on the Valley Branch with 551 being the normal power. 556 could occasionally be found there when 555 and 551 were down for maintenance.