SRMW cranes

I spent a lovely morning working on my SRMW cranes. I should have taken a photo of the wooden structure but forgot. The hardest part is painting the white metal castings to look like wood.

First I painted a mix of Vallejo green/grey, black/grey and white as the first layer. I then dry brushed a much whiter mix of the same colours. You can see half and half here:


I’m never happy with a pure grey as wood is a totally different colour. I painted a glaze of a tan Vallejo colour over the top to add a bit of warmth:

Beiged up

It’s still not perfect but I’ll tone it down with weathering later:


I also painted up my castings. I use Halfords matt black as a primer and then realised I should have left the edges of the wheels silver so I “painted” them with a silver Sharpie.

Silver wheel rims

I painted the motors etc with Vallejo black/red and used MIG washes as the next step.